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Redesign Småtrollen

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Småtrollen, a preschool, wanted a nature-inspired website that's easy to manage and allows parents to contact them easily.

The finished design has a mobile-responsive layout, minimalist design, less content, and a clear call-to-action buttons for initial contact between parents and the preschool.

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Visual Design

To address users' tendency to read only half of website information, we restructured the site based on frequently asked questions and shortened the text.

We employed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), by using relevant keywords to improve the website's ranking in search results, providing a competitive advantage. We also implemented a clear "Call to Action" button labeled "Apply for a Spot" at the bottom of every page to encourage users to apply easily with just one click.


Always having the logo at the top of the screen provides a immediate identification of the website,

First title

The welcoming title on the homepage can create a positive first impression for visitors.

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With this menu users can easily navigate without the menu taking up too much space.

Image slider

The homepage features an image slider that provides users with an overview of the preschool's facilities and environment.


We proposed a color palette align with Småtrollen's message. The site was contrast tested to ensure that the website meets WCAG standards, promoting inclusivity for all visitors.

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”Easy to navigate for visitors”

- Småtrollens requirements specification


A written competitor analysis would have been more beneficial than just drawing inspiration from competitors.

This would have allowed for a detailed and comprehensive analysis, easier comparison between competitors, and served as a reference for future decision-making and strategy development.

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