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Västtrafik UX-Research

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This research aimed to improve the user experience of public transport company, Västrafiks webpage and app.

The project's objective was to gather data for a future redesign to enhance functionality and reduce frustration, resulting in an improved user experience.

Problem Statement

Our aim was to examine the resources offered by Västtrafik in order to identify potential areas for improvement. Have you for example ever found yourself short in time and frustrated with the complexity of buying a ticket before your tram or bus arrives? For this study it appears to be a problem for the users.

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Design Process

In my project Västtrafik Research I describe the process of empathise and defining. In this project I will highlight the ideate phase, design phase and test phase. The previous phases can be found in the Västtrafik Research project on my homepage

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Project Conclusions

Multiple usability issues were identified that could be improved to enhance the user experience for Västtrafik.

We discovered that in the scenario where users were tasked with purchasing a student ticket, they all relied on the explanatory text under the question mark “Student/Travel with Children and Youth," that directed them to click and read more. This confirms our hypothesis, as one test participant expressed a desire for a direct option labeled 'student' instead of having to search for instructions on how to buy a student ticket.

"There should have been another option for students and such"

- Student participant buying a ticket

We concluded the project by presenting it to a UX designer from Västtrafik, who provided great feedback and confirmed that some of these issues were already known.


I learned the importance of conducting background checks and understanding participants' familiarity with a product, as it can impact study results. I also learned that moderating is a demanding task, and it is not realistic to take detailed notes in the same manner as when in an observing role. Therefore, it is significant to keep the manuscript concise to avoid stress and distraction during observation.

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Thank you for your time :)

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