Kajsa Tunius

As a UX/UI Designer with a strong foundation in customer service and sustainability, I am dedicated to creating a positive impact for both people and the environment.

This is me!

Redesign Preschool

A redesign of webpage for a preschool that reflects nature, community and invites to contact.

  • UI-design
  • Webpage
  • Redesign
  • Expert Reviews
Case study

Västtrafik UX Research

The purpose of this study was to enhance the user experience of Västrafiks' website and application by identifying users' pain points and frustration

  • UX-research
  • Web & App
  • Metrics
  • Usability tests
Case study

Västtrafik UI

This is a follow-up to the research conducted to enhance the user experience of Västtrafik's website and app for public transportation. As a UI design project, our objective is to offer solutions for the issues identified in the research.

  • UI-design
  • App
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
Case study

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