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Brading for let’s talk about UX

Primary role


Time frame

Nov 2023 - Jan 2024


In the bustling marketplace of digital interactions, a brand's visual identity is just the beginning. It's the story behind the brand that truly resonates with audiences, forging a connection that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Therefore, I researched our users and developed a comprehensive brand strategy as the foundation for the visual identity.

Who are Let’s talk about UX?

Let's Talk About UX is a monthly meetup for UX enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Old brand identity

The previous brand from Let's Talk About UX was mearly consisting of three colours and a font.

The brand lacked visual appeal, consistency, and a clear brand strategy. As a result, the brand was not effectively communicating the organization's mission, values, and goals.

Brand strategy

Looks will only get you so far...

In a world filled with brands and attention-grabbing content, customers demand more from the brands they engage with! A brand needs to be more than just the visual. Therefore I worked through our purpose, vision, mission and values. Having these reflected in the brand has proven to make a brand last thorough times.

Brand Purpose

Empower people to grow with in UX. We believe that UX is crucial for creating products and services that are both usable and enjoyable, and we strive to empower individuals to contribute to this valuable field.


To be the leading community in Gothenburg where UX enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners converge to exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to the growth and innovation in the field of User Experience.


Let's Talk About UX aims to be the go-to platform for enhancing UX knowledge, skills, and professional connections.


1. All about UX: We share the passion for User Experience.

2. Inclusion: We believe that learning design should be accessible to everyone.

3. Sharing Knowledge: We provide opportunities for knowledge sharing.

4. Community: We foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging within our community.

"Why did you join Let's talk about UX?"

Screenshot of member-survey from our keywords

I wanted to see if the keywords and the feeling we wanted to send out was true to our members. This is important in order to create a more cohesive brand identity and a brand that aligns with our members.

Our members choose to described our community as Friendly, inspiring, knowledgeable and fun. Confirming my keywords for the brand. Our members also express feeling of “Happiness, excitement, Curiosity, engagement, A friendly welcoming community”

Selfie of Kajsa, Åsa and Anna

It's evident that to cut through the noise, a brand needs to resemble more of the characteristics of a person so that the audience can feel a genuine connection. These keywords are all suited for a person.

Brand strategy - done

Branding looks -up next

The branding strategy streamlines this process of creating visuals, making it faster and more aligned with the target audience. Once this groundwork was set, it's time to delve into the visuals.

Logo of Let talk about UX

Communication is paramount among our members and in conveying the knowledge we seek to share. Our ethos is therefore communication and inclusivity; the open bubble symbolises our commitment to welcoming all while fostering innovation and inspiration through an open-minded approach. I moreover used soft shapes and rounded corners to convey friendliness and approachability.

Picture of orange in the brand color

The chosen color embodies the keyword of our brand, and orange is also a familiar color for our members, as we previously incorporated it into our visual identity.

Picture of the font chosen

I chose Poppins for its simplicity and inclusivity. Its humanistic charm adds warmth and appeal, while its high optimization ensures seamless readability across platforms, making it inclusive.

Business value

Getting seen and heard

This alignment between brand identity and member perceptions will strengthen Let's Talk About UX's reputation and credibility, building a stronger UX community. It will attract more members and foster continued growth and innovation through enhanced recognition.

A draft for a potential cover for our linkedin

Flexibility in brand elements

There are many ways to use the talking bubble, making it an iconic symbol for our brand.

A draft for a potential event realise visual
Mockup from a fabric bag and roll-ups

Info deck for our hosting companies

Info Deck for Hosting Companies, five pages

Wanna hear more?

I would love to have a chat so feel free to reach out. You can connect with me on Linkedin , email me at, or send me a message here.