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Leading UX community growth in Gothenburg through events.

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Jan 2023 - Present


Listen closely within Gothenburg, Sweden, and you'll sense the vibrant pulse of the Let's Talk UX (LTAUX) community. LTAUX is dedicated to fostering connections, inspiring growth, and empowering individuals within the UX field. As a co-organiser, I wear many hats – from being the welcoming face at the door to serving as a data-driven strategist, community builder, and content creator.

Building a Supportive Ecosystem

Let's Talk About UX, established in 2019, has rapidly grown in both size and impact. Monthly meetups have become a cornerstone, providing a platform for individuals of all levels to learn, network, and exchange insights.Since I joined, our community has grown from approximately 600 members to nearly 1400 today.

From experienced UX designers to aspiring newcomers, everyone is welcome.

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Meet the team:

A picture from meetup with the organisers of Let talk about UX

Elevating Followers

Success story of 700% Growth

I started as a social media manager with the intention of expanding our online presence and attracting new members. In just one year, I have successfully increased our followers by over 700%, implementing a social media strategy.

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I utilise DaVinci Resolve to create engaging video content, and I capture photos and videos at events, all contributing to our overall growth of attracting new members and boosting retention.

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Moreover, I developed the brand at LTAUX with thorough brand strategy and fundament grounded in:

Brand Purpose




“Hmm, where are they?”

Minimising no-shows at our events

One of our primary challenges at LTAUX has been ensuring consistent attendance and engagement, as the events are free. We often faced no-shows, hindering the overall experience and impacting the events. Addressing this issue required a multi-faceted approach:

Actions taken:

These insights were crucial in shaping a tool that addresses the pain points of many companies today lacking expertise in efficient reduction planning.

  • Warm & Welcoming: I greet every member with a smile, creating a positive first impression and setting the tone for an inclusive environment checking members in.
  • Data-Driven Insights: I track event statistics, including participant numbers and no-shows, to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Community Building:I actively promote a 'ticket release' behaviour, encouraging members to responsibly change their RSVP when unable to attend, reducing no-shows, and fostering community spirit The initiative led to a significant rise in RSVP changes, with a six-fold increase from 5 to 32 attendees taking action at the last event.
  • Communication Channels: I maintain regular communication with members through LinkedIn chats and emails before and follow-ups after events, fostering a sense of connection and keeping them informed.
  • Engaging Content Creation: I capture event photos and create videos for social media, showcasing the community spirit and attracting new members as well as creating retention.
  • Monthly after-works: Responding to member requests, I'm actively coordinating the re-launch of our monthly AWs. These events will provide opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and strengthen professional tiesWarm & Welcoming: I greet every member with a smile, creating a positive first impression and setting the tone for an inclusive environment as well as check them in.
Picture of an event taken from the back of the room behind people towards the stage.

Community growth


The community has experienced a continual rise in active members, solidifying its position as a thriving hub for UX professionals. Our events and AWs consistently see rapid sellouts within hours of tickets becoming available, often creating waitlists exceeding double the capacity. This growth serves as a powerful testament to the dedication and impact of our efforts.

What members says:

"A friendly welcoming community"

"A nice and pleasant community with open-minded people”

"Happy to have such a community"

"Warm and welcoming"

"You rock! :D"

Personal growth

Becoming a speaker

Last year, myself, Åsa Gillberg, and Anna Rátkai all attended conferences abroad on behalf of the community. Following our respective trips to Denmark and Vienna, we collectively presented a recap of the conferences at our Hotel Post event, attracting a fantastic turnout with over 100 attendees.

Picture of a microphone in the foreground and blurred out people in the background
Pitucre of Kajsa Tunius on stage together with Åsa Gillberg at Hotel Post

Learning together

Structure and teamwork 

As our community continues to grow, it is essential that we maintain our momentum and further develop our infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of our members. Lacking this structure has sometimes created some difficulties, for example in onboarding new co-organisers. This involves fostering a culture of teamwork, clarifying roles, and ensuring effective communication to manage workload effectively.

pitcure of the whole team of let's talk about ux

Wanna hear more?

I would love to have a chat so feel free to reach out. You can connect with me on Linkedin , email me at, or send me a message here.